Nutty Putty Cave



Some groups visiting the cave will also want to camp. We have imposed a no camping restricted area for visitors to the Nutty Putty Cave. Camping is only allowed on State and BLM lands further than 1 to 1.5 miles from the Nutty Putty Cave entrance. See the map below.



  • RESTRICTED ZONE: Camping in and around the Nutty Putty Cave for our trip visitors is prohibited. See the topo map (above) for the restricted zones and you will notice that as you stand near the cave entrance and look to the south and to the east that the prohibited zone stretches to the tops of the nearby mountains.
  • PRIVATE PROPERTY: Access and camping on private property is not allowed without the land owners prior consent.
  • CURFEW: There is a complete curfew in the “No Camping” zone around the cave from midnight to 7 AM.
  • LEADER NOTE: The Nutty Putty Cave is a drive to experience. Minors (under 18) are not allowed to be in the “No Camping” zone around or inside the cave without constant adult supervision.

BLM CAMPING REQUIREMENTS - The following list was compiled from discussions with the BLM. Check out their website and/or call the BLM Salt Lake Field Office at (801)977-4300 for details.

  • MOTOR VEHICLES: The BLM requires parking vehicles within 100 feet of the road. No off road travel or off road vehicles are allowed in this zone. Do not park vehicles over vegetation such as tall grasses or shrubs. This could start a wildfire.
  • FIRE RESTRICTIONS: Dead and down firewood in the area is limited. No cutting of live trees or vegetation. It is best to bring your own firewood. Firepans are recommended, not required. Please bury or carry out your ashes. Open campfires may be prohibited on public lands at certain times of the year due to dangerous wildland fire conditions. Check with the BLM Salt Lake Field Office for current fire restrictions. Best practise is to use portable stoves only.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE: Pitch tents on durable surfaces. Avoid camping or parking on vegetation. Dispose of human waste properly by either burying or carrying out solid waste in portable containers. Littering is prohibited. You must carry out all trash with you. Do not burn trash in your firepit. Thoroughly clean up your campsite before leaving.
  • NOISE: You are requested to maintain quiet hours from 10 pm to 8 am.
  • GROUP SIZE: Under 25 people, no permit is required. 25 or more is allowed on BLM lands only. This requires a FREE camping permit from the BLM prior to your visit.
  • DURATION: No camping longer than 14 days on BLM lands.
  • TARGET SHOOTING: PROHIBITED NEAR CAVE (See Cave Rules and Management Plan for details). On the BLM lands, think safety and use common sense when target shooting. Maintain a clear line of fire and a safe backstop. Do not shoot towards rocky areas. Use only paper or cardboard targets. Clean up all spent casings and shells. Do not leave behind any litter or targets.
  • EMERGENCIES: Dial 911 or contact the Utah County Sheriff's Dispatch (Phone: ??). For cave emergencies, contact the Utah Cave Search and Rescue: 801-243-RESQ (7377)
  • BLM LANDS: For more info on camping permits on BLM land, contact the Salt Lake Field Office at 801-977-4300