Nutty Putty Cave



Fellow Timpanogos Grotto & N.S.S. Members:

Membership has its privileges. This does not mean that you get to circumvent any of the rules when accessing the Nutty Putty Cave. In fact, you are expected to be the model cavers when you visit this resource.


SERVICE/INSPECTIONS: In order to Fast Track, we expect you to inspect the cave and report back to us any needed repairs or improvements. INSPECTION REPORT

RULES: The rules are not waived for Timp Grotto and NSS members. If you break them, then you lose your access privileges.

RESERVATIONS: We cut off the online reservations 14 days ahead of time.To Fast Track you will need to submit your request by email and it is like flying stand-by, if there is an opening, then you can have it.

WAIVERS & MEDICAL RELEASES: As Grotto and NSS members, we don’t need to share with you the huge liabilities. This is why the 5 day wait instead of 14 for non-grotto cave groups. You are already equipped and you will most certainly have your forms completed. If you get lazy, then you will lose your privileges.

18 & UNDER PERMISSION SLIPS: As Grotto and NSS members, you also know the horror stories of Trip leaders who failed to have permission slips. Don’t lose your assets by skipping important steps.

FIRST AID & CPR CERTIFICATIONS: All Trip Leaders need First Aid and CPR training to lead trips. This common sense rule goes for Timp Grotto members, N.S.S. members, and all not-yet member cave groups that visit the Nutty Putty Cave.

ACCESS PERMIT: We know that Grotto and NSS members will occasionally get an email from a friend coming into town on a Friday and want to visit the cave. We know that experienced cavers are already equipped and they can get their gear and supplies together in 5 days for a trip. Because of your experience, we don’t mind expediting your requests at all. If you are taking rookies with you, then don’t fast track rush a trip. Take a couple of extra weeks and train the rookies before you get to the cave. Please use good judgment.

WHAT NOW? Return to the Trip Planner and make certain that all of your T’s are crossed and I’s dotted. Provide your Timp Grotto and/or N.S.S. membership number and explanation of your reasons to Fast Track on the online reservation form. If you are ready, then we are more than happy to approve your access.