Nutty Putty Cave



4/7/2009 - The Cave Management Team held a meeting to approve and clarify the responsibilities of the Cave Management Team and to discuss the access protocols on the new website. It was obvious that several of the responsibilities of the team were still undefined. The meeting was a success and the following was approved.

ATTENDEES: Chuck Acklin, Cami Pulman, Michael Leavitt and via speakerphone from Southern Utah, Jon Jasper.


The Cave Management Team will have quarterly inspections performed that will inspect, verify, and report:

  1. The condition of the 4 caves and surrounding property within 300 yards of the cave openings.
  2. The condition of the sign and ledger systems.
  3. The condition of the gate and lock systems.
  4. The condition of the anchors and the replacement of the optional rope down the “Big Slide.”
  5. The condition of the optional ladder at the base of the “Big Slide.”
  6. Any needed repairs or improvements.

The Cave Management Team will fill out a quarterly inspection log and keep it on file. The quarterly inspection reports combined with the regular Trip Leader trip reports, will alert the Cave Access Manager of any issues or repairs that are needed. This will help formulate any needed actions to help preserve the cave and provide the needed safety for those accessing the cave.


Funding for the Nutty Putty and Blowhole caves in the 2009 Cave Management Plan will come from private donations. The Cave Access Manager will be responsible for disbursing the funds as needed and a full accounting will be made quarterly to the Cave Management Team. Here is the current list of items that will need to be funded:

  1. Ledger – The ledger data will be collected quarterly and the system will be evaluated, improved, and updated as needed.
  2. Signs – The signs will be inspected quarterly and replaced as deemed necessary.
  3. Gate – The gate will be an ongoing issue and occasional repairs are anticipated from possible vandalism. There should be no issues from normal use. Due to the location of the cave and the difficulty of getting equipment to the cave opening, 21 days will be allowed from the time a major breech is reported to the Cave Access Manager to be able to complete the repairs.
  4. Locks – Locks and keys will always be an issue due to multiple user access. Lock improvement and replacement will be made at the discretion of the Cave Access Manager.
  5. Rope and Ladder- The optional use rope and ladder down the “Big Slide” will be inspected every 90 days replaced as often as needed by the Cave Management Team during the quarterly  inspection process. Each Trip Leader is responsible to inspect and report back in their trip report the current condition of the rope and the ladder, in case early replacement is needed.
  6. Internet – The online information and reservation system will need regular maintenance and updates. The online information will be funded by Timpanogos Grotto and private donations of both time and money.

The Cave Access Manager will be responsible to maintain an expense report and together with the Cave Management Team will provide an annual report to the land owners that includes the cave management expenses and the proposed budget for the new year.


Each person accessing the Nutty Putty and Blowhole caves in the Cave management Plan will need to agree to the approved “Cave Waver and Medical Release.” Caving is risky and all participants assume any and all liabilities during their visit to the cave. The waiver releases the land owners, the Cave Access Manager, and the Cave Access Team from all liabilities, other than for gross negligence. Gross negligence would include the failure to perform regular quarterly inspections and failure to address issues in a timely manner from the trip reports from the Trip Leaders. Timely manner for action is defined as within 14 days from the time it was reported. It must be understood that the Cave Access Manager and the Cave Management Team are all volunteers doing their best to preserve the cave and increase the safeness of the cave trips, and therefore should not be at risk of losing their assets due to accidents at the cave.

ROPE & LADDER - We discussed the liabilities associated with the rope and the ladder down the Big Slide in the Nutty Putty Cave, and it was determined that although their use is optional by those exploring the cave, and that it was much safer to have these in place and maintained by the Cave Management Team for those who want to use them, rather than remove them from the cave. Trip Leaders are required to inspect both before allowing their trip participants to use either the rope or the ladder.


The online booking and reservation system will be implemented and perfected to reduce the amount of man hours invested by the Cave Access Manager and the Cave Management Team.

Create and implement a new annual Nutty Putty Cave Award for the individual or individuals who have most positively impacted the cave during the prior calendar year. This will be done on the Timpanogos Grotto level and not as part of the Cave Management Plan.
The Cave Access Manager and Cave Management Team are responsible to provide a written report to the land owner annually by January 31st that addresses the events of the cave during the prior calendar year. This report should include:
  • Cave trip statistics
  • Major issues
  • Complaints
  • Major accomplishments
  • Successful clean-up projects
  • Gate and access issues
  • Gate and lock status and repairs
  • Access maintenance fee accounting and disbursement
  • Current needs
  • Future needs
  • Planned projects
  • Recommended Management Plan changes
  • Nutty Putty Cave Award winner report

The Nutty Putty Cave Management Plan will be reviewed at least every two calendar years, on the even year cycle, by the Cave Management Team and any modifications will be shared by the Cave Access Manager to the land owner for their approval. The next approval cycle will be January 2010. The existing Cave Management Plan is valid until a newer version is approved.

Any recommendations for modifications, changes, or improvements should be directed to the Cave Access Manager.